Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, this is where I plan to record all the projects I do primarily for my own benefit but also with the home that someone else might find some aspect of it useful.

Projects will cover a huge range things, from quite simple to very involved and technical and will cover electrical. mechnical, DIY and anything else that comes along.

I don’t try to claim the way I do everything is necessarily the right way to do things but where there’s failure I plan to record that as well – failure is just another way to learn!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi there,

    insearch of info about a AJ30 swap i came round you site many times. I have read it all! but i do have some questions, how can i contact you?

    Adri from The Netherlands

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your interest. If it’s things you can write in text please just post another comment asking your questions and I’ll try to help – it keeps the discussion available in case it helps anyone else. If you need to ask more detailed questions that might need diagrams or whatever just let me know and I can email you directly.

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